What’s the Icon Answers Level 14 and 15

What’s the icon just update few days a go developer add 4 new level to play and now we just complete level 14 and 15 we hope with this answers all player can continue playing this game when stuck or cannot solve a category in this game as we know this game contains several category  : character, brand, tv & movies and famous people  i guess lot player stuck at famous people category but with this solutions now you can solve it.

Level 14

daffy duck ani maniacs full metal jacket subway
hard rock cafe michael jordan dora marquez mercury
arrow brand tweety borland
gren peace inception keroppi seles
fifer pig a bugs life armstrong adobe
heineken con air astro boy apple

Level 15


christian sprint marge rocky
kraft betty boop volde mort red bull
windows calvin air wolf prince of persia
heroes ben10 zorro mother teresa
steve aoki napoleon winehouse sacha cohen
pan’s labyrinth ferrari word darth vader

What’s the icon level 14 and 15 cheats just a part of our what’s the icons solutions because we already create answers from level 1 to level 13 in other post, so if you need help for other level you can search it in this website. This game have more level to play try it then share your  result at our facebook page it’s very useful for other player which stuck in this game.

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