WhatsApp Issue and How to Fix It

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Beside blackberry messenger, whatsapp is one of the most downloaded applications ever. Now days chat via whatsapp is booming. Unfortunately, some people have multiple errors using whatssapp. Sometimes it could suddenly not be opened and most often unable to send and receive message. Another problem is its verification gets long. If you are suffering for them, here are ways to fix common error in whatsapp. Basically, there are three sources of problem that make whatsapp not working; 1) device factor, 2). Software factor and 3). Connection factor.


1. The problem may come from your phone device. Here are how to fix the devicea. When you get this message “Alert! your phone date is inaccurate adjust your clock and try again” Check the setting of the time in your mobile. Make sure the clock and date settings are correct. Try open Whatsapp.b. Try to remove your SIM Card, and then reinsert. This looks strange but often works. c. Your mobile has been installed SMS spam.  If you have installed SMS spam, remove it because it can cause a verification failure.

d. Import/export message. If you are in the middle of transferring messages from phone storage into memory card, wait for it. Message sending failure might be caused by this moment. After finishing, you can try to use the app

2. If you are sure there is no problem with your mobile device, check your Software.a. Failure during installing app can cause app not working correctly. Try to reinstall your app.

b. Try to upgrade this application to a newer version. Download the application from the official site. The official site guarantee you the app is free from malware

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3. Connection factor is another reason your app does not work. Since the app need internet connection, check your connection and make sure there is no problem
Those are the ways to fix common whatsapp error you can try. Many people fix the error after try one of them

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