What’s The Word Close Ups Answer Level 1 2 3

What’s The Word just add new 3 level named close ups there’s 20 puzzle in each level, same with the first level there’s 4 pics and scrambled letters you must find the word related with the picture, simple right?. i bet you can complete level 1 and 2 less than 30 minutes but may be for level 3 you need more time or probably you will stuck with puzzle in this level. so we create a hint / answer for you which having difficulties to win this level.

What’s The Word Close Ups Answer Level 1 2 3

Close ups level 1 : 1-1 peacock, 1-2 pillar, 1-3 violin, 1-4 badge, 1-5 flag, 1-6 nest, 1-7 frog, 1-8 printer, 1-9 rocket, 1-10 goldfish, 1-11 handbag, 1-12 airplane, 1-13 bridge, 1-14 desk, 1-15 doll, 1-16 faucet, 1-17 basket, 1-18 trumpet, 1-19 bicycle, 1-20 bottle.

What’s The Word Close Ups Answer Level 1 2 3

Close ups Level 2: 2-1 aquarium, 2-2 raincoat, 2-3 robot, 2-4 computer, 2-5 stapler, 2-6 truck, 2-7 crumbs, 2-8 neon, 2-9 organizer, 2-10 cube, 2-11 satellite, 2-12 sofa, 2-13 fountain, 2-14 gym, 2-15 boat, 2-16 phone, 2-17 powder, 2-18 camera, 2-19 candle, 2-20 cathedral.

What’s The Word Close Ups Answer Level 1 2 3

Close ups Level 3: 3-1 luggage, 3-2 saddle, 3-3 shipwreck, 3-4 stretcher, 3-5 mitten, 3-6 bathroom, 3-7 roof, 3-8 carriage, 3-9 puppet, 3-10 farm, 3-11 fireplace, 3-12 police, 3-13 popcorn, 3-14 hydrant, 3-15 circus, 3-16 cowboy, 3-17 train, 3-18 pinboard, 3-19 crown, 3-20 earth.

thanks for using our what’s the word close ups hints, we will update new level when its available so please bookmark this website if you think this post use full :)

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