Guess That Sketch Answers and Cheats Level 1 – 40

We just wondering if there’s a new draw guessing game for android, and few hour a go our reader inform about this guess that sketch game, this game created with good design and layout it’s more than paid game that we ever try at our android device, we though this game not difficult to answers but that’s wrong this game little bit difficult we use our credit several times to reveal the answers and if you cannot solve this game use our solutions below as a cheats.

music : psy movie : avatar famous people : tiger woods character : borat
movie : matrix famous people : paris hilton movie : forrest gump music : eminem
music : spice girls character : boba fett famous people : neil armstrong character : batman
movie : terminator music : justin bieber character : sherlock holmes music : bono
music : rihanna character : hermione famous people : usain bolt music : michael jackson
famous people : khadaffi movie : bambi tv series : lost famous people : kate winslet
music : gene simmons movie : braveheart music : beatles famous people : nicole kidman
character : robocop famous people : kim jong un music : john lennon music : lady gaga
movie : lincoln music : elvis tv series : star trek character : buffy
tv show : mr bean character : super mario famous people : simon cowel character : agent smith

Guess the sketch have 6 category : famous people, movie, music, fictional character, tv series, tv show, the easiest category is fictional character and the hardest is famous people but that’s just our opinion because we just play 40 level in this game may be next level all category become difficult to solve and we must buy a credit to reveal the answers, that’s okay as long we can serve a fresh cheats for visitor.

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