What’s the Saying Answers level 1 – 100 Android Version

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We just completed new game what’s the saying? 1Pic-1Phrase and now want to share the answers with others player. To play this game is very simple just guess the common phrase or saying from the common picture. This  game is not too difficult if you try to read the picture several times you will got the answers.


stand eye : i understand pa man walk rk : walk in the park white box man thinking : think outside the box diamond jack and ace jack : blackjack cat sleep above JOB : sleeping on the job rou diamond gh : diamond in the rough door footprint : foot in the door asleep : falling asleep pets : step back ez as pi : easy as pie at birth : separated at birth banana : banana split man land on moon : man on the moon st4nce : for instance board board board : whiteboard up arrow hourglass : time is up blue moon 1 one : once in a blue moon penguin and down arrow : tip of the iceberg stitch stitch : cross stitch room black square : dark room play button nothing nothing : next to nothing overs overs overs : left overs 1 shot hole : hole in one 3 dogs : top dog pants pants : pair of pants mount X 10 : mountain 1. bucket 2. bucket 3. bucket 4. bucket : bucket list elephant white : white elephant white box space : outer space  child letters words : play on words 4 barbershop pole : barbershop quaters rootrootrootroot : square root sea sea sea : black sea all all $0.00 all all : free for all economy : growing economy give get give get : forgive and forget red square with eye cube : ice cube it it it it green traffic light : go for it dog 14 jan 2012 PM : dog day afternoon history history history history : history repeat itself hearted divide 2 : half hearted 3 ages  arrow point to middle ages : middle ages sun step : sunrise i’m u : i am bigger than you holding globe : the world in my hand basketball court order : order in the court 50% discount settle save $$$ : settle for less after me after me after me : repeat after me smileys rain note : singing in the rain ten bad tions : bad intention whi 111 le : once in a while reversed feed / deef: feedback travel bering red caspian : travel overseas cheeck tooth eye tic on tooth : toothpick evaletor : elevator out of order cloud flight flight : connecting flight KKK KKK KKK : canine u just me : just between you and me down arrow pour : downpour pink tickled : tickled pink 10 10 two 10 10 : too intense feetfeetfeetfeet : square feet va_ders : space invaders arrow pint to red secret : top secret tr- ipod : tripod chess board big key : keyboard ciii : see eye to eye night hand : middle of the night ure/ure/ure/ure/ure/ure/ure/ure/ure/ure : tenure flu good ence friend need : a friend in need x qqqq me : excuse me seat reversed : backseat green star : falling star for you : falling for you 00012345 clock minus owl and book : counter clockwise green letters check : cross check china flag mermaid : made in china all one one one one – one all all all all : all for one adn one for all facing arrow letter sit shut important equall important : equally important green ace : greencard hand in scale : heavy handel 7q + 3q : thank you day underscore y : end of the day arrow point to top ‘once time’ : once upon a time reversed spin : backspin man face sign abyss : head over heels gravity underscore V : center of gravity lem aid : lemonade solution solution : resolution shake hand shuffle shuffle : shake to shuffle red diamond and ring : diamond ring R + R : summer reversed horse ridding : horseback riding attention underscore n : center of attention purple hey hay hey hay : purple haze couple dancing in rain : dancing in the rain sp bee ired : bee inspired

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buck drop ket : a drop in the bucket

what’s the saying 1pic-1phrase level 1 to 100 completed, if you love playing this game please rat the game or share this solutions with other players, it very appreciated.

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