Ruins Escape Game Walkthrough

Ruins is an short escape game this is challenging puzzle game, we know this game few weeks a go and just try it today and we complete this game in few minutes, this game is nice but unfortunately it short enough and simple, but created with a good graphic and animation just like the other game created by 989Works.

pick up sculptured head pick up stick use stick to pick crowbar
put sculptured head move button pick up gem and coins
open stone using crowbar put gem inside tap alley left left left right right left right
go left pick up coin, open panel see clue
go to right room, tap 1 2 3 4 5 6 pick up coins using crowbar put all coins here
go right pick up knife, see circle use knife cut root
use crowbar open stone, pick up blanket and see circle cover flower with blanket go left to old man
back to flower open blanket using knife pick up gem change shape like this put gem, pick up candy and gem
give candy to the man pick up ladder go right see hand
pick up blue gem and cut rope set statue hand pick up yellow gem
set ladder set button same with above put gem cyan yellow and red

done ruins escape walkthrough completed, we hope this could help you find the solutions when you stuck and cannot continue with this game.

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