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100 Doors Remix is not a new game, we found this game two month a go and just remember it today, we try to solve more than 10 level in this game and below are the result, you can use this post as a walkthrough when cannot found the clue in level 1 to 10. Just like other puzzle game when you cannot solve a level then you can’t pass it and try other level so use our cheats below and continue playing this game on your android.

100 doors remix level 1. tap button beside door.

100 doors remix level 2. slide door left.

100 doors remix level 3. tap plant and pick up key, slide key to door then slide door right.

100 doors remix level 4. pick up magnet then slide magnet to right hole.

100 doors remix level 5. tilt phone right.

100 doors remix level 6. slide rope down pick up door handle and slide to left door then open ( slide door left and right).

100 doors remix level 7. tap line at the left wallpaper pick up paper and wire, tap line at top right wallpaper put the wire now insert code F = 6, D = 4, H = 8 (648) then slide door right.

100 doors remix level 8. tilt phone left and right until bricks fall, then slide door.

100 doors remix level 9. tap middle right brick ( see picture ) pick up key then open the case, pick up present and put in front of the door tap left button.

100 doors remix  level 10. tilt phone right until jar fall, tap jar to pick up stick, pick up hook at the bottom right slide hook to stick then use to pick up key at the jar, open the fence and slide door right

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This 10 level isn’t hard to solve just need tap everything then you will found a solution, that’s we do when we cannot solve sometimes its work. This walkthrough created using samsung galaxy tab 7 and adobe photoshop cs3.

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