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Pirate escape walkthrough level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 completed, next level will be available soon after we complete it. This is new game which created by trapped android puzzle game maker which also create other amazing puzzle game. I hope you can solve this game level by level without using a game walkthrough, but if you really need it just scroll your mouse or screen down to see our pirate escape walkthrough, but I’m not responsible if you will solve this game easier or faster than other player can do. This game has 20 level to play so after completing first 10 level you can buy and upgrade for only $ 2-3 and get the pirate escape full version.


Pirate escape level 1 1. pick up hook 2. pick up metal 3. use metal to get rope, combine rope and hook 4. use hook to drag table 5. open chest using symbol on your left middle and right ( flower, skull, and cross) pick up key

6. open


Pirate escape level 2 1. pick up cloth 2. put cloth on table, to get clue 4312, pick up sword 3. use sword to make hole, get a stone and see clue 1493 4. open chest using code 1493, pick up handle / lever 5. put handle then change position to 4312 ( 1 = still / not change)

6. use stone to break the door


Pirate escape level 3 1. pick up clamp 2. pick up fork 3. use fork to open fireplace, then use clamp to pick up bucket 4. use bucket to flush and see a clue __38 5. pick up chisel 6. use chisel at X symbol and get clue 61 7. open box using code 6138, get a key

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8. open door


Pirate escape level 4 1. pick up bucket and see clue 2. see clue above chest 3. use clue to open and get blower and code 3157 4. open chest using code 3157 and pick up metal 5. put metal into the jar, put blower under the jar, tap blower then pick up jar 6. use clue above bucket, to fix the mold then fill with melted metal from jar, flush with water at bucket, pick up key

7. use key to open.


Pirate escape level 5 1. pick up coin and see clue 2. pick up bottle and put coin on the dish to get hand-held fan 3. put bottle at octagon then pick up rope 4. put the hand-held fan and change direction to left down up, and pick up key. 5. tap mannequin use rope to fix clothes then remember the symbol

6. insert symbol then use key to open door


Pirate escape level 6 1. pick up torch and see clue 2917 2. open door using code 2917 3. fix the puzzle 4. use torch then tap hanging container then pick up statue 5. put statue then change direction left left right, pick up axe 6. use axe to hit barrel then pick up beans 7. open cage 8. put beans on the dish, pick up key from bird

9. open door


Pirate escape level 7 1. pick up sword 2. pick up handle (circle), and see clue ( sword direction) 3. pick up puzzle part 4. put puzzle part then fix the puzzle 5. use handle to open and pick up knife 6. put knife then change the handle position to top middle middle, pick up rifle 7. shot all target to see clue 385 8. open padlock using code 385, put sword then change all sword direction same with clue, pick up key

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9. open door.


Pirate escape level 8 1. pick up cup 2. fill cup with water and pick up card (6) 3. flush fire with water inside cup, pick up ax and see clue 3365 4. open safe using code 3365, pick up key and fork 5. put card at the table to get clue Ace 6 club 6. use fork to remove plank, move 6, club, ace to the top then use key to open box, pick up rope and see clue 1324 7. put rope then tap rope 1324, pick up stick, combine stick with ax

8. open door suing axe


Pirate escape level 9 1. pick up bucket 2. pick up plant 3. put plant and pick up shovel 4. fill bucket with water 5. put water at the lotus flower, pick up key 6. use shovel to dig sand, then open box tap color purple, blue, tosca and green to get key, see clue letter TARE 7. change letter to TARE 8. tap number 4, open chest using 2 key then pick up head statue

9. put head statue to make door open


Pirate escape level 10 1. pick up telescope part and stamp 2. pick up candle 3. use candle at the paper then use stamp to get clue square, triangle, V, and flower 4. put telescope parts, then change symbol same with clue square, triangle, V, and flower. now you have another clue 5. pick up bottle 6. use clue from telescope 7. flush wig with liquid from bottle to get clue 1243 8. open safe using code 1243, to get multi key 9. use multi key to get hinge 10. put hinge and pick up fish toy 11. put fish at the ship, then pick up map

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12. put map here to open door

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