Scratch That Logo Quiz Answers Level 1

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Scratch that logo quiz answers world 1, before you start play this game you must open this page to remember the answers, because you only have less than 4 second to solve the logo after start ‘scratch’ screen. FYI level 1 is the easiest level so we guess that only few player that cannot solve all logo, our trick to easily recognize the picture is scratch your screen like an C letter in the middle screen. Ok lets start remember the scratch that logo quiz answers below but the picture position will be different with yours because each logo will be scrambled.


Scratch that logo quiz 1-1. mtvScratch that logo quiz 1-2. volkswagenScratch that logo quiz 1-3. ibm

Scratch that logo quiz 1-4. michelin


Scratch that logo quiz 1-5. skypeScratch that logo quiz 1-6. intelScratch that logo quiz 1-7. samsung

Scratch that logo quiz 1-8. burger king


Scratch that logo quiz 1-9. kelloggsScratch that logo quiz 1-10. hpScratch that logo quiz 1-11. nike

Scratch that logo quiz 1-12. flickr


Scratch that logo quiz 1-13. twitterScratch that logo quiz 1-14. louis vuittonScratch that logo quiz 1-15. citroen

Scratch that logo quiz 1-16. ebay


Scratch that logo quiz 1-17. nestleScratch that logo quiz 1-18. windowsScratch that logo quiz 1-19. starbucks

Scratch that logo quiz 1-20. nissan


Scratch that logo quiz 1-21. calvin kleinScratch that logo quiz 1-22. nescafeScratch that logo quiz 1-23. reebok

Scratch that logo quiz 1-24. red bull


Scratch that logo quiz 1-25. levisScratch that logo quiz 1-26. quicksilverScratch that logo quiz 1-27. pizza hut

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Scratch that logo quiz 1-28. McDonalds


Scratch that logo quiz 1-29. pringles
Scratch that logo quiz 1-30. loreal

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