March 17 18 2015 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle

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Answers for 7 little words daily puzzle march 17 and 18 for this question: hospitable person, in an assertive manner, squeezing, commitment, spreading out, having GPS, perhaps, say wrongly, rabbit or hare, ruby anniversary, candy bar with toffee, gets across, least hilly, as terrain, Greek consonant, slow motion sports clips. 7 little words is addicting word game, but not easy to solve the puzzle so I create this cheats to help other player solve the game before they give up, with the difficult question. This game not only for android but iphone and ipad user can also play 7 little words in their device. So if you stuck in this game just find the answers at our result below.

March 17 7 little words daily puzzle.


hospitable person 8 letters : WELCOMERin an assertive manner 10 letters : DOMINANTLYsqueezing 11 letters : COMPRESSIONcommitment 11 letters : UNDERTAKINGspreading out 9 letters : SPRAWLINGhaving GPS, perhaps 9 letters : TRACKABLE

say wrongly 8 letters : MISSTATE

March 18 7 little words daily puzzle.


rabbit or hare 9 letters : LAGOMORPHruby anniversary 8 letters : FORTIETHcandy bar with toffee 5 letters : HEATHgets across 7 letters : CONVEYSleast hilly, as terrain 8 letters : FLATTESTGreek consonant 5 letters : SIGMA

slow motion sports clips 7 letters : REPLAYS

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