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This is it can you escape horror walkthrough the new version of can you escape, released in late December 2013 this challenging game available for all android user and iOS and the good news this is a free game, contains more than 10 level at first launch, need extra effort to solve all level in this game, but if you stuck use our guide below and continue try other level.

level 1. pick up baseball bat on the bed, change view then pick up handle above curtain, tap right desk use handle to open box and pick up screwdriver, tap chair under the desk and pick up key now use bat to hit chucky and pick up battery on it’s back open using screwdriver, then pick up chucky and put inside cupboard lock it use the key, then tap dart board remember the number and color yellow : 7,green : 9, orange : 8, red : 2. change view then tap box above cabinet beside curtain, then set number same with dart board : 7298 then open it and pick up key and use it to open door.

level 2. tap sofa on the right and pick up green tube behind pillow and hand, change view then tap bulletin board remember color blue, green, red then change view and tap clock remember the time 2 : 30, then tap panel under the clock and change the color to blue, green, red then pick up another tube, tap desk at below clock then put the green tube match symbol and the hole, then pick up axe, change view use axe to remove chair then pick up leg, change view tap left desk and pick up battery, tap lamp above door and pick up flash light, combine it with battery tap standing mannequin then put leg and hand then tap shelf behind mannequin there’s secret safe open with number 2 : 30, pick up screwdriver, now tap box under the mannequin remove bolt using screwdriver, then open and use flashlight then pick up key and open door.

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level 3. pick up rope on the chair, then tap curtain on left put rope and open curtain, pick up handle use handle to open white drawer beside bed, pick up paper. tap bed remember blue triangle, tap green painting and remember square green, tap right abstract painting and remember yellow pentagon change view then tap broken painting put the paper to fix remember number 901741, tap white desk remember red circle. tap right painting ( ELM STREET ) set the number 901741. blue 9, red 1, yellow 7, green 1, tap drawer on white desk, then set type number : triangle / blue , circle / red, square / green, pentagon / yellow so the number is 9117 open drawer and remember the dots color : white, black, white, black , black. change view tap painting above bed change the circle color to : white, black, white, black , black. pick up key and open door.

level 4. tap piano then tap keys number 3,3,5,5,5,5,9,9,9 ( left to right ) pick up list of number, change view then. change view and tap color bar on the wall and put the number list, remember this color and number : red, brown, purple, yellow  = 4781, change view then open door with this code.

level 5. change view, pick up hammer at left and matches on small table then complete the math ((570/2)+950)(6/2) = 3705, change view tap cracks wall above painting hit using hammer pick up bottle, change view tap Amor statue then fill bottle with water from bucket in front of Amor, change view tap chair / sofa then remove doll using water from bottle, pick up shovel use shovel to dig cracks floor in front of sofa, open coffin and pick up paper, change view tap chair and pick up lens (triangle with hole), tap right table with candle above. use matches to lit on candle then put paper on the table then use lens to touch number 3705, open box under middle candle, pick up key and open door.

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We know a lot gamer can solve all level in can you escape horror less than one hour, yes they’re expert in puzzles game some if them upload their video on youtube so if you confuse with text guide you can try to use can you escape horror video walkthrough, but be careful video contents need bigger bandwidth so use free Wifi or unlimited internet quota.

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