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This is the last fifteen level of 100 crypts walkthrough you can complete all this level using this guide and this game will be updated in next few week by 100 gates developer. this game look similar with other doors game but i guarantee this is new and fun escape game, you can compete with your friends to play this game to make it more fun.


Level 26: slide sword according to sword direction start from 1 to 8.


Level 27: ring the bell at same time put your phone on flat area so you can tap bell quickly.


Level 28: tap star with red circle to light up, to see clue tap switch at bottom right.


Level 29: slide sword left, then pick up broom and use it to swipe skull on the floor then pick up key behind it.


Level 30: pick up ax and use it to cut rose try several times until you can see handle on right, tap handle to move shelf and pick up key at bottom right shelf use it to open door.


Level 31: tap button start from number 1 to 9.


Level 32: slide all grey circle into the black circle, do it quickly before it’s back to normal size.


Level 33: tap cage to change position same with bottle, tap first cage x3, do not tap 2nd cage, tap 3rd cage x1, tap 4th cage x2.


Level 34: to make this scale balance there’s several answer and my answer is left 3 & 7 right 1,2 and 4. you can try another number to solve this level.

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Level 35: tap Letter S K R E D O quickly before it’s stop rotating.


Level 36: tap right button until loading bar full, some device may glitch at this level. out tips : tap refresh button then quickly tap button…


Level 37: move blue candle to top empty space, move green candle to middle empty space, move light blue candle and purple candle to bottom empty space, see preview above.


Level 38: tilt phone left then tap ball, set phone vertical and tap ball, tilt phone right and tap ball, tilt phone left then tap ball.


Level 39: move flag to middle spot, set position same with preview above.


Level 40: tap symbol when it show in the middle circle, if correct it blink.

this is it the last level in this game, you can play another game like 100 doors 2014 or 100 doors time machine while waiting 100 crypts game update.

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