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Horror escape walkthrough 12 level text and video guide, this perfect game created with smooth graphic and many level available to play, with android and may be iphone and ipad. Many puzzle game lover waiting to play this game so before they give up and stop play the game we create a simple walkthrough to help new player that cannot find a clue or object, we hope this guide will be useful for others.


level 1. Remember number at wall 2514, use this number to open box under the bed and pick up knife. look at the wall above bed remember the squares position, use knife to open X under letter peace then push tiles same with squares clues above bed. Pick up handsaw, go to bed then use hand saw to cut handcuff, pick up key then open vent under letter peace.


level 2. tap desk and see the clue a = 1, go to window and open curtain there’s AHDC = 1843, pick up wood stick under letter C, back to the desk and insert number 1843 to open drawer, pick up fluorescent lamps put above wheelchair, tap hole at the top left and pick up hammer head and combine with wood stick, now use hammer to break hole in front of desk.


level 3. tap cupboard then open left drawer pick up screwdriver, tap black panel above bed open screw using screwdriver, complete the puzzle then pick up handle, go to window use handle to open it, pick up key and green rope, go to cupboard open right drawer using key. Pick up red rope. go to bed then bunch all rope at the bed remember the length 51342, now back to the right drawer set position to 51342 then pick up crowbar, use crowbar to open padlock at the door remember the number 354 open left drawer this is the other number so if we combine it = 571354, use this number to open safe at the cupboard then pick up key and use it to open door.

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level 4. tap left sink pick up cross handle, tap right sink put cross handle on tap, pick up small pipe above sink, tap white panel above sink use pipe to open crack then pick up screwdriver then use it to open box at floor, pick up tape use at the sink with letter A, it will show AXE back to the box se letter into AXE then pick up glove, use glove to pick up broken mirror, rearrange the mirror until all letter complete : PHEL. go to door open door using code PHEL ( letters had same position with mirror).


level 5. pick up bucket, lamp, knife, and wrench, use wrench to open hole under the bucket, throw lamp inside hole then pick up switch and wood, fill bucket with water then put switch at the pump, flush cable with water, then push the red button. After water gone pick up axe, use knife to cut wood combine wood and axe then use it to break the door.

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