Clue Pics Guess the Saying Answers Level 221 – 240

Back with clue pics answers or cheats for level 221 to 240, we play this game again because we can’t found a new interesting puzzles game at google play store at this time but if you know a new addicting game that we should create the cheats or walkthrough you can send a message at our facebook page and we will try it an create the solutions for you. We hope a lot clue pics  player can reach this level or even more because we already create cheats from level 1 to 220.

221: jennifer lopez 222: you are out of control 223: grandstand finish 224 : heineken
225 : makes no difference 226 : george foreman 227 : the internship 228 : getting away from it all
229 : american express 230 : dublin 231 :  megan fox 232 : a high iq
233 : long time no see 234 : all for one one for all 235 : ambiguous case 236 : isaac newton
237 : jason statham 238 : glasgow 239 : paramount 240 : lamborghini

Clue pics cheats level 221 to 240 can help you answers more than 200 level in this game, use this cheats only when your credit less than 50 or we can say use cheats when no more hint’s or help available to help solve this game, because using cheats when solve a game can reduce the fun.

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