100 Floors World Tour Japan Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

We just complete 100 floors world tour Japan and this is the walkthrough level 1 to 10, in this part we feel that 9 level not to difficult and we hope everybody can solve it, but in level 10 we ask to other player which can solve it, but we still can’t find the clue. 100 floors still have unsolved country US and we will update after all level in this country solved.

level 1 : tap the top right flower, now tilt your phone to move the dot to make it touch falling sakura.

level 2 : arrange the door puzzle to make word OPEN.

level 3 : tilt phone to make coin/money move to bottom left, then pick it and give to cat.

level 4 : pick up sword then tap ball on ceiling, then slice rope quickly until counter become zero (tips : put your phone horizontally / landscape  on flat table try slice as fast as you can).

level 5 : tap the curtain above door, see the clue ( tap drum : red, blue, yellow, red red ).

level 6 : arrange the Japanese number middle column is 1 2 3 (see clue on floor).

level 7 : focus and guess which the real ninja the use sword to kill.

level 8 : pick up ball at top left then put ball at 3rd X ( from left) slide door : down,right,down,left,up,right,down : flag.

level 9 : tap switch on floor then tap bulb start from 2 to 6.

Level 10: tap bottom right circle  3 times, bottom left 3 times, top right 3 times, top left 4 times.

More level will bed added soon, please bookmark this website to read our post about world tour US

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