Cheap Touch Screen Phones

In the digital era like today, electronic gadgets especially for telecommunications purpose are getting tremendous popularity in the market. The market for telecommunication company is only getting larger and larger by time, as a result it stimulates continuous and sustainable growth in the telecommunication industry itself. But the as the market keep growing the growth also stimulates other companies to jump in to the market, the main reason is because they want to take the opportunity of profit portion in the market. Thus, they make the competition getting fierce and as result our market are flooded by their products.

    The customer preference already shifted in the market, before, the candybar model is the darling of many people but nowadays the taste has been shifted to the touch screen model. The slim and sleek design of touch screen mobile phone seduce many customer by it’s sexy and slim concept. And through this article we would like to introduce you to several cheap touch screen phones that will only cost you less than 0. We start our cheap touch screen phones list by introducing the HTC Pure. This HTC phone available with Quad-Band GSM service and will only cost you for 9.99 from AT&T, with that cheap price you can get 5 MP camera with a 3.2 inch display.

Cheap Touch Screen Phones
    The next cheap touch screen phones in our list is Acer Tempo Smartphone that come with a 9 price tag and off contract. This phone features 2.8 inch VGA TFT LCD Touch Screen and include both WiFi and 3G data connectivity. The last phone in our list is the LG KP500 Cookie that come with 9 price tag, unlocked. This phone features 3 MP camera and MicroSDHC Card that can support up to 16 GB memory. So if you are interested in getting a cheap touch screen phone for yourself you can try to pick it from our list of various cheap touch screen phones that we listed above.

Cheap Touch Screen Phones

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