100 Floors of Christmas Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

We just try a new game named 100 floors of Christmas and this is the walkthrough for level 1 to 16, with this guide you can see the unsolved level clue so after read our post you can continue play 100 floors of Christmas  until the last level. Before use our cheats you can try  to move objects, tilt, shake, pinch and swipe because sometimes we can found a clue by doing that in every puzzle game, but if you’re stuck and frustrated with the solution you can use this guide to solve it.

level 1. tap green button

level 2. lit on all candles, tap button

level 3. tilt phone left, tap button

level 4. tap and hold reindeer, tap button

level 5. arrange the baubles and star, tap button

level 6. shake phone, pick up axe then use to chop all tree, tap button

level 7. type santa

level 8. tap blue star, remember the sequence, tap red circle same with sequence, tap green button

level 9. right color is the result ex : red + yellow = orange

level 10. win the game with 3 circle in line

level 11. 4 marbles, 6 stars, 7 pentagon, 1 square

level 12. ball at the red at same time, put phone at flat area then tilt slowly

level 13. nine o’clock

level 14. merry = 5 letters , go = 2 letters >> 5926

level 15. tap circle and try to hit deer

level 16. move number 1683 at the right position.

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