Can You Escape Coma 2 Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5

Escape coma 2 walkthrough level 1 to 5 for android or iPhone version, in this sequel we can play 5 level free  with 2 camera view in each level. When play this game I didn’t found any illogical step which sometimes  make me smile or shocked. This escape coma 2 cheats created for new puzzle game player and gamer that stuck in a difficult puzzle, but before use any cheats or walkthrough we suggest you to tap any suspicious object to get a new clue, so you do not need to use the guide to win the game and it’s much more fun.

can you escape coma 2 level 1
1. pick up trowel and shears
2. use trowel to dig and pick up hammer
3. use shears to cut apple
4. pick up hose
5. plug hose at tap
6. pick up pyramid
7. see clue
8. put pyramid, apple, hammer
9. tap wall beside hammer then change number to 1358 (count pyramid dots) pick up key under pyramid
10. open door

can you escape coma 2 level 2
1. pick up wire
2. see symbol
3. tap symbol to get a key
4. use key to open hood, pick up hammer and pliers
5. use hammer to open box and pick up light reflector, 
6. combine pliers and wire, then put wire at the battery
7. put reflector to see clue
8. change button direction left = right, top = bottom left, right = top right, bottom  = up. pick up key
9. use key to open padlock and escape.

can you escape coma 2 level 3
1. pick up wire and blue card
2. pick up wrench
3. use wrench to open panel, then put wire
4. pick up green card
5. see number 777
6. change number to 514 (top) 263 (bottom) if add up = 777, pick up red card
7. put all cards and remember the sequence (looks like letter G)
8. remember the color sequence (letter G)
9. tap card same with the color sequence : brgrgbrbg, pick up faucet handle
10. plug the faucet handle, then point all arrow to red, pick up key
11. open and escape

can you escape coma 2 level 4
1. pick up 1st stick
2. pick up book
3. put book and get a screwdriver
4. remember the color sequence at the laptop
5. pick up fertilizer sack
6. put fertilizer into flowerpot to get a key, pick up bucket
7. insert bucket into barrel then tap the color same with clue from laptop, get 2nd stick
8. use screwdriver to dismantle mannequin and pick up 3rd stick
9. put all stick, then open padlock using key

can you escape coma 2 level 5
1. pick up stick
2. pick up wire
3. pick up fishing rod and string then combine it
4. pick up hook then combine with fishing rod
5. use fishing rod to pick up cloth
6. combine cloth and stick, plug wire into electricity then burn stick and cloth to make torch
7. use torch to burn painting the fix the jigsaw puzzle
8. see clue
9. tap handle : right, left, up, down, right, left, up, down. window open
10. tap window

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