Best phones for Games, HTC One X or Galaxy S III?

HTC One X vs Galaxy S III

HTC One X vs Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X included in the ranks of top-tier Android smartphones equipped with quad-core processor with an advanced graphics subsystem.

The second screen phones are very good quality with large size and high resolution.

Both of these make the Galaxy S III and One X is not only ideal for use to surf the Internet or watch HD videos, but also to play games.

For this purpose, despite having similar specifications and priced at something like that anyway, Galaxy S III and One X using a processor (SoC) are different. Galaxy S III using a Samsung Exynos 4412, while HTC One X relies Tegra 3 from NVIDIA.

Both processors have the same four CPU cores based on ARM Cortex A9, but the Exynos 4412 and Tegra 3 uses a different GPU unit. Performance of the two smartphones in the running game was different, though not too different.

In between the two flagship Samsung and HTC, which is more reliable to accompany your adventure in your favorite game?

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