Be Careful with Battery Upgrade Apps Android

Be Careful with Battery Upgrade Apps Android

It has been a quite long phenomenon nowadays that many of android users has experienced the same “battery upgrade android” message on their smartphone. This “battery upgrade android” message has been known since last year among many android users out there. And whenever you encounter one of those message on your smartphone make sure to be careful of it. Because according to the PCWorld, one of the most prominent technology sites on the internet, this message actually can be scam and do harm to your android smartphone. According to the PCWorld, scareware has finally gone to the mobile world and now are attacking android users with their message about battery upgrade on their android smartphone.

    According to them they found a fact where there are ads that crossed the line by popping the advertisement on android mobile phone, the worst thing about this ads is they will launch your phone’s web browser even when you accidentally clicking the link of the ads. This ad will eventually initiates to download of the applications from the installer file automatically, even when you do not to install the application they will download it to you automatically. According to the PCWorld this kind thing can be considered as a scareware marketing tactics that you can find normally on your PC. Typically it warns you that your computer is somewhat infected and advise you to download one of their application to solve the problem.

    This battery upgrade application is no different with that kind of scareware. They give you the ads which warns you that you need to upgrade your android phone’s battery. However, the battery upgrade application that they offer is actually can endanger your android phone and take some money from your wallet. And according to the experts, this application actually do nothing to upgrade your battery life or whatsover. So, whenever you find those kind of ads on your mobile, please make sure to be careful of it !

Be Careful with Battery Upgrade Apps Android

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