100 Escapers Walkthrough Level 23 and 24

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still waiting for 100 escapers walkthrough? this is it the solutions for level 23 and 24, in this level you often use fire to melt rubber and metal and mold a tools used to open screw and cell phone. not to difficult to get a clue just tap on all thing that make you curious, like drawer, cabinets, bookshelf, window and underneath desk or sofa.


Level 23:

1. pick up bird nest above the door 2. open left and right wardrobe between door pick up torch and screwdriver 3. combine torch and bird nest 4. go to shelf pick up matches and jar 5. go to kitchen stove use matches to light it the burn the torch on the stove 6. go to hole on the wall use torch then pick up boots 7. combine boots and jar then burn it on stove to melt rubber. 8. use the melt rubber into pipe with ball

9. use screwdriver to ball then put ball on the door handle and open the door


Level 24:

1. go to table pick up metal block, wood and rhino inside the drawer 2. go to lathe machine pick up paper 3. go to firewood oven pick up pan then combine with rhino and put into the firewood oven the rhino will melt in pan 4. combine metal block with paper then put on lathe machine you will get a mold then combine melt rhino with this mold it become a screwdriver 5. combine screwdriver with wood 6. tap bottom right lathe machine open compartment using screwdriver then pick up cell phone 7. open cell phone using screwdriver to pick up chip 8. use the chip on the box beside the door

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9. door open

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