Say the Word – Guess What’s the Celeb Answers Level 1 to 40

This is not a new game but because nobody create the answers for say the word guess what’s celeb so we decide to post this cheats here to help other player solve level 1 to 40 when they stuck. Unfortunately this game only available for iOS operating system although we hope this game also available for android to gain much more player. But before using this cheats you can use hints to make it easier when guessing.

1 : jackie chan2 : shaq3 : beyonce4 : tom cruise
5 : snoop dog6 : usher7 : jet li8 : bill gates
9 : jack black10 : ice cube11 : mike tyson12 : kanye west
13 : chris brown14 : taylor swift15 : kevin bacon16 : tiger woods
17 : will smith18 : jay z19 : cee lo green20 : charlie sheen
21 : drake22 : george bush23 : mila kunis24 : owen wilson
25 : russell crowe26 : katy perry27 : tina fey28 : oprah winfrey
29 : megan fox30 : fifty cent31 : usain bolt32 : david beckhamp
33 : bear grylls34 : justin bieber35 : tyler perry36 : alec baldwin
37 : tim tebow38 : mitt romney39 : jay leno40 : john mayer

cheats for say the words pop icon quiz completed, this game similar with what the saying and clue pics game but the differences in this game you guess the famous celeb name, not a city, country or song title. If you love to play this game please share it and rate this game at itunes store.

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