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New update Escape action level 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 available today, we can complete this 10 level using our galaxy tab 2 without lag or error it’s perfect update for my android and we hope this update can start normally in your device because we hear that some device having trouble when playing this game. If  you confuse and cannot continue to another level you should looking for a cheats and if video cheats can eat huge internet quota then you should read our post below.

level 91. change left and right number so when it multiplied the result 16 ( ex: 16 * 1), then tilt your android upside down wait until 3 circle change into green then tap green button beside door.

level 92. count the number of mahjong the answer is 36 tap blank mahjong ( top right).

level 93. pick up shovel then use to remove stone under the ball, tilt phone left to make ball hit the button then tap rhino, torch, clock, matches, sponge, painting.

level 94. this is simple just see our preview above then you will able to win ?

level 95. tap and hold to move ghost to the pinecone, repeat until you can reach 70 points. if you feel the time too fast you can use your credit to buy unlimited time, but if you don’t have any credit just stop the game ( kill from the task ) then set date forward a day or 23 hour. start game and you will get the bonus credit, repeat this trick 6 times until you can buy unlimited time for this level.

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level 96. pick up matches on the floor, use matches to blow dynamite pick up spearhead put at the middle cog then change the direction top : 3 o’clock, middle 12 o’clock, bottom 9 o’clock ( clue on the floor).

level 97. pick up pinecone / flower, touch and shake watering can until you got sponge, tap drum several times until number 4 show then slide number 4 to the square beside plus symbol now you have  number 8 shake your android until fan falling, now put fan at the wall ( top ) number 8 at the middle, pinecone / flower at the bottom. Rotate the fan then tap number 8 several times until it becomes red use sponge then tap and hold pinecone with sponge until it change into flower.

tap right button to make knife fall use knife to cut leaves, now move your android to change compas direction same with preview then tap stop do this to all compass ( one by one)

level 99. pick up sponge, slide paper up then pick up wrench, use wrench to fix faucet, then make sponge wet at the faucet, slide rope down rub bottom right square to show the letter F, now count: brown, blue, and green stick  brown = 5, blue = 8, green = 7, slide rope then tap square at the window brown 5 times, blue 8 times, green 7 times.

level 100. hit pumpkin with blue ball until your score 90, if you can’t reach the minimum score before the times up tri to use date cheats ( level 95).

We still want solve more level and share escape action cheats here but in this update developer only add 10 level so wait until the new update next week, but while waiting this new update you can try to play another addicting game like 100 doors 2 beta, escape through history and can you escape 2, don’t worry all cheats and walkthrough also available here at

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