Mega Logo Quiz Answers Pack 2 Level 1 - 30

A new answers mega logo quiz pack 2 for level 1 to 30 every level are easy to solve if you ever play game like logo quiz, icomania or guess brand, but for new player this game still challenging to play so we create this answers to help them when stuck in pack 2. This game available only for iphone, ipad and ipod touch and may be someday the android or windows version will be created.

Pack 2

1 : playstation2 : swatch3 : pepsi4 : audi
5 : htc6 : dunlop7 : ikea8 : panasonic
9 : whirlpool10 : abc11 : hilton12 : lotto
13 : mercedes14 : corona15 : chevrolet16 : msn
17 : sony18 : adobe19 : nintendo20 : youtube
21 : vodafone22 : subway23 : motorola24 : apple
25 : shell26 : dell27 : windows28 : facebook
29 : fbi30 : mini

Did you know you can use logo quiz cheats to solve this game, some logo in mega logo quiz already used in other game so it’s still possible to use other answers to complete this game when you cannot found the solutions here or in other website. Pack 3 and 4 have a lot challenging logo to guess so after completing this level you can try next level without using cheats.

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