Hi Guess The Brand Answers level 12

Finding hi guess the brand answers level 12 ? this is it we just complete this level with our ipod touch this answers use screenshot and text to make it easier to find which brand makes you stuck and cannot continue to play. In this update developer only add 1 new level but they also update hi guess the movie too.

311 : apple312 : toshiba313 : mclane company314 : comcast
315 : united health316 : GE317 : caterpillar318 : heinz
319 : the home depot320 : deloitte321 : neutrogena322 : asda
323 : citi324 : walgreens325 : costo326  : pwc
327 : jp morgan328 : lacoste329 : ing330 : union pacific
331 : morgan stanley332 : directv333 : cvs334 : cbs
335 : wells fargo336 : google337 : walmart338 : honeywell
339 : capital one340 : metlife

hi guess the brand level 12 completed, wait few day to get new level update or you can try another game by cammax like hi guess the place or hi guess the movie.

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