Guess the Heroes VS Villains Answers Level 1 to 20

Hello folks, we just play a new game on our ipod touch this game named guess the heroes vs villains, to play this game is very easy guess the characters show on your screen it can be heroes or villains, if you cannot recognize the character you can use credits to reveal a letter or remove unused letters then try to arrange the letter in to a name, but if those still cannot help you solve characters name use our answers below to solve a level.

1 : aladdin2 : angry bird3 : batman4 : beast
5 : black ranger6 : blossom7 : blue ranger8 : bubbles
9 : butter cup10 : captain america11 : captain planet12 : cyclops
13 : dash14 : dr manhattan15 : dr strange16 : elasti girl
17 : flash18 : goku19 : green lantern20 : harry potter

With guess the heroes vs villains cheats above you can easily solve 20 level in this game, if you still want to play more level but stuck you can use anagram solver or word solver to help you solve a characters name, this apps available both for android or iOS operating system. This game created with interesting image quality and simple navigation, so if you love to play it please rate and share with other.

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