100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough Level 36 37 38 39 40

Update 100 doors 2013 walkthrough last 5 level for this update, this level very-very difficult to solve, we try this several times to know the answer and continue to higher level.

100 doors 2013 level 36

Level 36: tap A five times, tap B six times, tap C ten times and two times, tap D five times

100 doors 2013 level 37

Level 37: tap fishing reel to get fish, the code to open door depends with fish color: yellow =2, green = 3, red =5, blue =4

so if you catch fish like me = yellow, green, red, blue then key code is 2354

100 doors 2013 level 38

Level 38: tap right button first then left start from 1 to 5 until top left painting move and you can insert code: 61191718.

100 doors 2013 level 39

Level 39: tilt your phone left or right to make ball push button then count all angle on each shapes.. keycode 72112.

100 doors 2013 level 40

Level 40 : clue you must tap all clock 1 round and count it,  result is tap A 2 times, tap B 4 times, tap C 6 times, tap D 3 times

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