100 Escapers Walkthrough Level 21 and 22

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100 escapers walkthrough for level 21 and 22, we just complete this level and upload some preview to help you with the solution and pass this level easier, this level is not complicated like the first level but if you stuck at this level and have no hints  you can read our walkthrough and continue to next level.


Level 21:

1. pick up eye glass at the top cabinet near pink safe box 2. pick up pen at desk 3. go to door tap top of the lock code you get a lock pick use it open pad lock at the window41. 4. use eye glass on the window you will see number 5689 use this code to open pink safe box and pick up pliers 5. use pliers to hedgehog to pick spines combine spines with pen then use it to chandelier and cover will fall

6. in the chandelier cover you will see number 142788 use this code to open door.


Level 22: 1. pick up drill at the wooden bench 2. pick up bucket on the floor in front the door 3. pick up machete on the wall then put into ember then used to make hole on the door 4. pick up battery on the hole combine with the drill then use it to make another hole on the door (above the first hole) you got a number 914567 use this code to open grey safe box and you will get a faucets knobs 5. put knob on the faucet see picture 15 then use bucket on faucet

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6. use bucket to flush ember, and pick up key inside coal, use the key to open pad lock on the door

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