100 Escapers walkthrough Level 13 and 14

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New update 100 Escapers for level 13 and 14 may be some escapers player already know the solution for this level because this puzzle available at 100 rooms and they will be easy to pass this level, but we create this walkthrough to make an complete solutions for 100 escapers and help you when stuck in this game.


Level 13:

1. go to cockpit tap chisel inside right skeleton 2. back to the cabin near radio communication at top right cabinet pick up a handle then combine with chisel 3. go to cockpit use chisel to the skull you will get a key and clue on another skull 4. back to cabin use the key to open safe deposit box then tap the red button 5. go to radio communication tap the switch to make word room then tap number 13 at the top left panel 6. door open


Level 14:

1. go to right pick up glass cutter inside right cabinets use this glass cutter on window and pick up small box 2. tap box on the floor pick up protective welding then combine with glass 3. tap top right cabinets behind box pick up pliers then use it on cage you got a iron rod 4. use pliers with the small box to make a hole5. combine iron rod + welding protector + with small box then use it on welding machine you got a handle  6. use the handle beside door then tap it 7. door open

That is the solutions, if you have a problem to complete this game please use the commenting form below, we will help to find solution.

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