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Update 100 doors time machine walkthrough for next 15 level, this game name was 200 doors but i don’t know why the developer change it into 100 doors, may be this game planned to have 200 level before but it changed because it is not easy to find new ideas in the puzzle game, we know that when puzzle game or brain teaser game level too difficult to solve then only few gamer will continue play it, or if it is too easy then people would not feel challenged and get bored. So if you have an idea for this game you can send feed back or comment to the developer in Google play.


Level 16: tap cross top, bottom, left and right see preview above.


Level 17: tap this number 1235789 to make X symbol.


Level 18: use sword to cutting thorn, tilt your phone left to move rock then pick up key use it to open door.


Level 19: tap piano key start from 1 to 5.


Level 20: move watermelon and tomato to vending machine, tap door.


Level 21: pick up shovel use shovel to dig soil , pick up pliers now use pliers to cut barbed wire, and tap door.


Level 22: tilt your phone to make ghost flying around grave from left to right then tap door.


Level 23: use hammer to break glass, then tap button B A B B, and tap door.


Level 24: Tap Letter B C T and tap door.


Level 25: move left statue, then tap button and lever according to image above, x4 mean 4 times. then tap door.

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Level 26: move 1st painting from stand, then move 2nd painting to trash.


Level 27: hit floorboards using hammer, tap handle to open box now you must complete puzzle inside box.


Level 28: Combine all rocket parts, when it launched you will se see number at door ( number may differ ) use this number to open door.


Level 29: shake your phone to drop straw, pick up key and use it to open door.


Level 30: tap the bombs start from 1 to 8 then tap door.

that’s it our new walkthrough for 100 doors time machine, if you like this guide / solution please share with your friends or recommend this game to them.

New update level 31 32 33


Level 31 : the correct arrangement of the books is C R Q Z M.


Level 32 :  Shake your phone up and down.


Level 33 : pump balloon quickly until it touch the laser button then pick up marker cap and use it to blow up balloon.

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