100 Doors of Revenge 2014 Christmas Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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Gipnetix just update doors of revenge 2014, now you can play Christmas level 1 to 8 and will be updated until 16 level, to solve all level in this update are not too difficult because you can easily found the clue in every door, but if you cannot solve a level in this game we already solve it all and walkthrough 100 doors of revenge 2014 Christmas available below, follow our step to solve it all.

level 1. tap third present and pick up key.

level 2. tap present same with clue above door, blue, red, yellow then pick up key.

level 3. turn on the light, then slide 1 present on the floor to the top presents.

level 4. change 3 ball into red, then change 3 ball into green, change star color into red.

level 5. connect plugs, pick up star and put above the Christmas tree.

level 6. tilt phone left or right to make ball touching button : left, left, right, right, left, left.

level 7. tap arrow button : 4 right, 8 up, 4 left, 1 down, 3 right, 10 up, 3 left, 6 up, 9 right.

level 8. change the Santa painting, to other picture which not exist at the door ( see preview ) different positions no problem.

This game will be updated before Christmas so if you still want to play more level wait in next few day until the 100 doors 2014 Christmas available at Google play market, but we cannot help you to solve other level because in next 8 days we’re on vacation :). Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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