100 Doors 2014 Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

100 doors 2014 is new doors game created by Nealo inc, may be this game made because want to compete with 100 doors 2013 which lot played by android phone user and already famous as brain teaser or puzzle game in this month. Same with other doors game you must find a key or code to open door and then continue to higher level, sometimes it’s easy to find the key or code but if you stuck and cannot continue the game you need this walkthrough, we will guide you to pass every level in this game.

Level 1: tap floor mat pick up key and use it to open door.


Level 2: look at the clock, the time is 11:45 use this number to open door code 1145.

Level 3: put your phone at flat place then tap 3 blue button until fluid at red line.

Level 4: shake your phone until vase falls, pick up key and use it to open door.

Level 5: it’s alphabetical order E = 5, B = 2, D = 4, G = 7 open door using this code 5247.

Level 6: count the angles 3577, use this code to open door.

Level 7: tilt phone upside down and pick up key on the wall use it to open door.

Level 8: shake your phone until battery indicator full.

Level 9: move trash can then count ball above stick 2141, use this number to open door lock.

Level 10: count green, blue, red and yellow dots: 1463, use this number to open door.

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