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New 100 doors 2013 level added last night, we just complete this level few hours a go and create this walkthrough for player that stuck on this new level. in this update the developer create new challenging level, not too difficult but sometimes we still need help with the clue, so we create this for you.


Level 86: the number and letters on the door forming a word, seven, eight, five and twelve, use this code to open door 78512.


Level 87: insert ball to the hole, but you must tilt your phone to make red arrow point to top before tap ball.


Level 88: pick up scraper use it on the left wall (slide it), pick up scissor use it on the door ( slide from the middle to top).


Level 89: Tap animal from benign to the wildest, start from 1 to 6.


Level 90: you must reach x to do this tap : forward, forward, right, forward, forward, left, forward, right, forward, right, forward, forward, left, forward, forward.


Level 91: sisha have some part, you must rearrange it. tap object start from 1 to 8.


Level 92: alphabet has been shifted 5 characters. Word hello:  H=C, E=Z, L=G, O=J. tap CZGGJ.


Level 93: slide pillar to the cobble and hold it until eye blink, then release it quickly, use cobble slide it on the eye, we try this 3 to 4 times until we get the key, use key to open door.


Level 94: find the number that can be divided by numbers under the letter: X=91, Y=49, J=121, Z=3. the answer 91491213.

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Level 95: find number that not change when the light on. The answer is 27924977.

10 walkthrough for now, we will update this game solution in next few hour, please bookmark this website and share with your friends :D.

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