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Update clue pics guess the saying answers level 21 to 40, at first we just want to create solutions for 20 level but this game make us challenged, so we try to solve more and more level and this is the second part clue pics that we posted here. FYI this game only available for android device but we hope appdreamz will create the iphone and ipad version because a lot iOS user that love trivia and word games. Use solutions below only if you already run out your credits.

movie : iron man landmark : colosseum movie : casino royale landmark : eiffel tower
saying : no pain no gain movie : the day after tomorrow famous people : celine dion saying : in the hot seat
famous people : elton john movie : gone in sixty second saying : pull your own weight movie : face off
landmark : times square famous people : sharon stone landmark : leaning tower of pisa movie : the evil dead
movie : the matrix reloaded famous people : morgan freeman saying : do or die movie : air force one

cheats clue pics level 21 to 40 completed level 41 to 53 available in other post you can search it using our search form at top right this post. To support the developer you can share this game and our solutions to all android user you know, it’s very appreciated.

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