Xpress at Lumia, Makes surf the Internet Faster

Xpress at Lumia, Makes surf the Internet Faster

Nokia has announced the Xpress browser on smart phones based on Windows Phone, Lumia. Previously, the Xpress is only available for phones based operating system Series 40 (S40) from Nokia, the Asha. As the name implies, Nokia expects the browser is able to deliver the content of a site quickly.

Xpress at Lumia, Makes surf the Internet Faster

Nokia uses cloud technology in Xpress. All content will be compressed to be opened first on Nokia’s servers. Nokia claims that the incoming content will be compressed to 85 percent thus making the user can enjoy faster internet connections and affordable,

Data is not critical, such as pop-up ads, will not be displayed on the browser. There are some features that are present complement this Xpress. One is the data usage monitoring. Users can monitor how much data usage on the home page and through a dashboard that is in this application.

If the user does not have enough time to read the content of a site, it can store it locally by using the "Saved Pages". This feature allows the user to re-open the saved page, even when the phone is not connected to the internet.

Xpress Browser also comes with the "magazine layout". Through this one feature, the user can save the RSS feed from a site and display it in a magazine layout. Xpress for Lumia is currently present in beta and can be downloaded from the following link. Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, smart phones based on Nokia’s Windows Phone 8, will also support this Xpress application.

Xpress at Lumia, Makes surf the Internet Faster

Xpress at Lumia, Makes surf the Internet Faster

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