Word Jungle Squirrel Answers

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I hope there’s other player who’s play this word jungle game because I want to share the word jungle answers for the squirrel pack. This pack contains 12 level with 1 or 2 words but less than 7 letters for each words. For the first time you will have 11 credits, this credits very useful when you found difficult level, use the credits to reveal the first letter for the difficult level then try to guess it with your imagination. Word jungle available for iPhone and android so this cheats can be used for all device.

Word Jungle Squirrel Answers


Squirrel 1. lend Squirrel 2. wool Squirrel 3. sank Squirrel 4. dust Squirrel 5. laid Squirrel 6. mist Squirrel 7. make Squirrel 8. also Squirrel 9. coal Squirrel 10. wear Squirrel 11. thin

Squirrel 12. fade

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