Spy Camera Android Apps

01.06.2019 Off By admin

There are so many interesting applications for android device and spy camera android is one of the most intereting applications that android provide. It is a cool application that will enable you to use your android smartphone as a spy camera, how cool is that ? This application is certainly cool because these spy camera android applications have the basic feature to record video or taking pictures without making any shutter sound, preview, or even flash, so you can take any pictures without your anyone else knowing that you are taking their pictures. So, if you are interested in installing one, in this article we provide you 3 android spy camera applications that will enable your android smartphone to become spy camera. Let’s check it out !

The first application that you can use is the SECuRET Spy Cam. SECuRET Spy Cam enable your android smartphone to automatically take still photo or capture video, then automatically save the photo and can tweet it or send it to email almost directly, the price for this application is only $5. The next application in our list is Spy Camera by Heliodor. Spy Camera by Heliodor enable your android device to take picture secretly and record your video secretly by muting the shutter sound on your android phone. This Spy Camera by Heliodor also hide your secretly taken image and do not place images on the standard gallery, to get this app you will need $3.95.

Our next list in the spy camera applications for android is the Super Spy Camera+. This application offers you quite the same features as the previous applications that we mentioned above but the most important thing is you can get this Super Spy Camera+ without need to spend any money, or in other words it is free. So, take your pick !

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