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Goblin LLC just create a new puzzle game named royal escape and we want to share the walkthrough for level 1 to 9, even though  this game has 15 level to play including the bonus level but we will create the guide for the non paid level first and wait about one week before create the other level cheats, this is not the first puzzle game by goblin llc because they already create another good puzzle game before and you should download it too. A good game need your support to grow so please leave a rating and review at google play store after you play all level in this game.


Royal escape level 11. tap chest 2. go to car pick up hand drill and bit, then combine it3. open chest using drill, pick up diamond, 4. tap train see clue 5195. open safe using code 156, pick up key

6. open door


Royal escape level 21. pick up hammer2. pick up stick3. use stick to slide screen, see code4. use code to open safe, pick up knife then combine with hammer5. use knife and hammer to pick up key at the table

6. open door using key


Royal escape level 31. pick up knife and wrench2. use wrench to fix pipe and remember clue (orange & blue right, red left, green down3. change wheel direction according to the color4. pick up shovel5. use knife to open sack, use shovel to pick up coal6. insert coal into burner7. pick up crow bar

8. use crowbar to open window

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Royal escape level 4
1. pick up screwdriver2. pick up hook and gasoline3. use screwdriver to remove screw then pick up plank4. use hook to open drain cover, go inside then pick up cloth, combine cloth with plank and gasoline5. burn cloth with lamp to make torch6. go inside drain, then use torch to see key, pick up key

7. use key to open door


Royal escape level 51. pick up scissor and sieve2. pick up cheese3. pick up spatula and fork4. use fork to open drawer then pick up knife5. use knife to cut bread then pick up cup6. cut sack using scissor, use sieve to find key7. use key to open cabinet, put cup then arrange dish from small to big (left to right) match cup with the dish design, pick up pot8. combine pot and spatula and put in front of the hole, put cheese on it, pick up key from hole

9. open door using key


Royal escape level 61. pick up pouch and string from violin2. pick up stick3. pick up pipe, combine pouch and pipe4. go to fireplace to light pipe5. use pipe at the mirror then see clue6. tap book to find number from the clue : 29147. open drawer using code 2914, pick up key8. use key to open padlock, combine string with stick then pick up key

9. use key to open door


Royal escape level 71. pick up bottle2. pick up hook3. use liquid from bottle to open closet tank, pick up pipe4. remember clue on red circle5. use hook to break mirror, then tap all symbol that you see in red circle, pick up faucet handle6. put the pipe then arrange the pipe direction7. put faucet handle8. pick up key

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9. open door


Royal escape level 81. pick up knife, use knife to cut map2. pick up jam then open using knife3. pick up bucket4. feed elephant with jam5. pick up gear lever6. tap gramophone, change symbol to Portugal, Italy, England & France map then pick up crank7. fill bucket with water

8. put bucket, gear lever and crank


Royal escape level 91. pick up catapult2. tap carpet then open the container, complete simple puzzle and pick up marble3. pick up binocular and rubber, combine rubber + catapult + marble4. use binocular to aim then use catapult to shot stick, see clue5. find the number at symbol on seat : v=1, E=8, n=3, i=76. open box using code 1837, and pick up key

7. use key to open door

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