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Quiz pop answers for video games character level 1 to 3, this game very difficult we need more than 4 hour to find level 1 to 3 solution at video games character section, but if you think you know all famous video game character then you will challenged with this game, some old game character also added into this puzzles it make me confuse because I’ve never tried it.


Level 1:

kirby – luigi – pikachu – link yoshi – master chief – sonic – princess peach ash- pac man – scorpion – mario donkey kong – bowser – spyro – fox mccloud

mega man – sub zero.


Level 2:

max payne – toad – creeper- charmander zelda – kratos- duke nukem – james bond ryu – prince of persia – banjo – marcus fenix vault boy – gordon – crash bandicoot – pikmin

liutenant commander Shepard – jim raynor


Level 3:

lara croft – alucard – Cloud Strife – solid snake agent 47 – samus aran – big daddy – Firiona Vie pyramid head – Leisure Suit Larry – sackboy – e honda glados – knuckles – nathan drake –  Illidan Stormrage

sora – Arthas Menethil.

Finally we complete this quiz pop answers for video games character, we use a lot of hints and coins to solve all character, we hope you like this answers and share this game or page with your friends.

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