Pic Mix – Combo the Pics Answers Level 1 2 3 4 5

Pic Mix Combo the Pics is game developed by Itch Mania to play this game is same with famous pic combo game, because this game inspired from it, but in this game we guarantee you can answers a lot of combos because in this game each picture very predictable and little bit easier than pic combo.

Level 1

Pic Mix – Combo the Pics Answers Level 1 2 3 4 5

1-1: door and bell 1-2: corn and dog1-3: bracelet and watch1-4: hair and brush
1-5: woman and bug1-6: rail and road1-7: pan and tart1-8: cheese and cake
1-9: sand and box1-10: tent and fire1-11: hand and chair1-12:gun and fire
1-13: bag and pipe1-14: basket and ball1-15: book and maggot1-16: skating and board

Level 2

Pic Mix – Combo the Pics Answers Level 1 2 3 4 5

2-1: cork and screw2-2: worker and shop2-3: honey and moon2-4:fire and book
2-5: jelly and bean2-6: lip and rock2-7: snow and golf2-8: pool and bow
2-9: oil and can2-10: seat and belt2-11:copier and cat2-12:foot and machine
2-13: road and forest2-14: cow and boy2-15:wall and trash2-16: eye and ball
2-17:flower and snake2-18: hand and mount2-19: jeans and knife2-20: fish and net

Level 3

Pic Mix – Combo the Pics Answers Level 1 2 3 4 5

3-1: ginger and bread3-2: dragon and fly3-3: nut and shell3-4: vine and yard
3-5: pit and buffalo3-6: bell and lotus3-7: star and fish3-8: spanner and box
3-9: back and land3-10: key and scrabble 3-11: space and ship3-12: tire and chair
3-13: bird and bar3-14: flower and bed3-15: box and man3-16: screw and driver
3-17: tooth and pick3-18: box and nut3-19: horse and back3-20: lion and heart
3-21: back and planet3-22: sink and room3-23: fork and cable car3-24: tea and cup

Level 4

Pic Mix – Combo the Pics Answers Level 1 2 3 4 5

4-1: cross and dog4-2: chili and fishing4-3: net and worker4-4: thumb and nail
4-5: fire and boat4-6: ear and ring4-7: pin and wheel4-8: arrow and leaf
4-9: fire and crackers4-10: dog and drum4-11: swim and suit4-12:  food and clock
4-13: egg and plant4-14: grind and stone4-15: pils and store4-16: hand and book
4-17: gate and globe4-18: statue  and bulb4-19: hunting and ship4-20: tree and horn
4-21: stairs and yarn4-22: bulb and house4-23: salt and water4-24: sun and smoke
4-25:sea and food4-26: saw and tank4-27: bill and game4-28: finger and sand

Level 5

Pic Mix – Combo the Pics Answers Level 1 2 3 4 5

5-1: hair and scissor5-2: cloud and bag5-3: car and pool5-4: bikini and army
5-5: butter and fly5-6: belly and coat5-7: horse and shoe5-8: chair and man
5-9: water and colored pen5-10: giraffe and road5-11: cotton and lip5-12:horse and tail
5-13: bench and sign5-14: mouse and web5-15: head and line5-16: home and farm
5-17: sun and phone5-18: bed and cake5-19: worm and spray5-20: jack and vase
5-21: head and phone5-22: sunset and roof5-23: sign and table5-24: sun and glasses
5-25: ghost and typewriter 5-26: trash and tray5-27:grass and apple5-28: pine and apple
5-29: locker and joker5-30: white dough and brown dough5-31: clock and table5-32: reporter and mail


Completed pic mix combo the pics answers for level 1 to 5, while waiting for this game update you can try another game which similar with this game like, icomania, pic combo, or 4 pics 1 word.

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