Photo Puzzle – 4 Pictures 1 Word Answers Level 1 – 80

New fun game inspired by 4 pics 1 word named photo puzzle, this game available for free at itunes store. Photo puzzle game can be played on iphone, ipod touch and ipad, to help other player complete this game we create the photo puzzle answers for level 1 to level 80, each level in different device have different puzzle so if you want to search your game answers you can find it by this screenshot picture or clue.

level 1: corner, ruler level 2: rearview, back level 3: golf, tennis, level 4: applause, clap
level 5: piggy bank, lake, credit card level 6: price, chocolate, girl, chart level 7: flag, beach, cowboy level 8: walking, ski, pose, fall
level 9: flaky, chips level 10: cross, question mark, doll level 11: folder, woman read book level 12: reel, lake, boat
level 13: phone, cell phone level 14: formula, f1 car, level 15: pillow level 16: ship, broken car, sink ship
level 17:  boat, ship, port level 18: pepper, sun flower, dish level 19: grass, sandals, swimming level 20: cake, candy
level 21: pool, duck swim level 22: pool level 23: bug, river, pencil, bracelet level 24: church, cross symbol,
level 25: bottle, cell phone, mommy level 26: milk level 27: @, mailbox, post man level 28: ball, seats, battery, colors
level 29: lake, frog, ice, swamp level 30: hammer level 31: hand level 32: pulley, crook
level 33:flag level 34: woman, flakes, food level 35: waterfall, leaf, book, terrain level 36: fan, money
level 37: woman, egg, pregnant, woman sit level 38: face palm level 39: camel, pyramid, wall, statue level 40: woman, shut face
level 41: car, Pedi cab, rear view, crane level 42: tent, emblem, camp level 43: candy level 44: tower, water drops, building, water
level 45: chip, banana, chess, windsurfing level 46: ball, gold, medal level 47: ball, clamp, hand, hold level 48: coffee, wallet, cherry
level 49: face, expression, dog level 50: circle, book, cd, level 51:kiwi, parabolic level 52: coffee, food, girl
level 53: cow, child, cat, girl level 54: key level 55: chess, swan, lion, king level 56: dog, alchemist,
level 57: building, main square level 58: books, coins, stone, disc level 59: shout, kiss, talk level 60: fan, barometer, cloth
level 61: quill, wings, bird level 62: pen, atm, card, coins level 63:  spring rolls, cake level 64: candle, dating, sunset, dinner
level 65: road, street, turn around level 66: car, grass, building, dancing level 67: food, news paper, wake up level 68: mouse
level 69: woman, nails level 70: envelope, letter a, chili level 71: lion level 72: lipstick
level 73: headphone, toa, scream, level 74:seer, genie lamp, magic stick level 75: jelly level 76: bicycle, volley, clif
level 77: rust motorcycle, school bus, box, trash level 78: seasoning, sausage, lake, coffee level 79: ink level 80: date, post card, card name

completed photo puzzle answers for level 1 to 80, all level we play in this game not too difficult we hope you can find all solutions from level 1 to the last level, but if you stuck and cannot find the word you can ask at our Facebook page.

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