New GTA V Tricks and Cheats

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GTA V Tricks to Rob a Store.

First go to any store that you want to rob, after you inside the store walk to exit but before you out pull out your weapon and aim to the cashier and shoot cash register until it’s open then you got a money bag. Be careful when you rob ammu-nation store because they will pull out a gun and shot you back. To rob this store you must back a vehicle in the store to pry doors open then use your rifle and shot shop keeper through the window.

GTA 5 Car Customization for Free

Did you know you can customize your car for free, first if you use frank swap it to some one else then driving toward to the garage customize it then give it back.

GTA V stock exchange how to destroy competitors

If you invest on a company and want to raise the stock value then you must wreck your competitor’s stuff for example if you invest in a car company then you can destroy the competitors dealership.

GTA 5 How to use button Combination Cheats

Most of player having difficulties when they want to use press so many button combination for a cheats, this is the tips when you want to use this kind a cheats just pause your screen then start pressing, simple right?

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