Link It Up Cheats Set 1 – 2

New recommended game for iphone, ipad and ipod touch link it up just complete this is it the cheats for set 1 and 2 to play this game is easy but the answers was not easy as our imagination before LOL, but don’t worry if you stuck in this game just use our solutions below to solve it. This game created by JP2 (James Porter) which also create brain chain, bockheads, and many more.

Set 1

dog and cake : pound hair and brush : spray door and sign : stop piano and hole : key
purple and pine : rain finger and brush : paint horse and horn : shoe tire and bottle : tread
lips and antlers : lock cake and arrow :  battle top and salad : chef basket and web : weaving
spring and eagle : chicken thermometer and cow : cash stick and goat : mountain apple and stick : crisp
brain and battery : dead butter and tape : scotch goldfish and top : tank freezer and book : burn
pizza and kid : dough tank and cart : station car and well : wheel left arrow and man : wine
garage and bottle : door

Set 2

leg and gun : cap 2 : fan and sandwich : club grape and can : jelly soap and man sing : opera
bowling and disc : gold cat and fish : gut main and pigeon : carrier table and fox : salt
clock and gun : machine cigarette and traffic light : smoke stick and weight lifting : grease run and slide : water
snake and well : oil mouth and cloth : wash lamp and arrow : stand coconut and pacifier : milk
factory and shell : bomb head and cake : birthday dog and owl : night candy and  lift box : shop
green leaf and stick : fight door and tower : bell blue and line : sky warrior and earth : planet
yarn and hand : needle

Cheats link it up for level 1 and 2 completed, we hope you satisfy with our answers and win this game easily. To complete all level you can use word solver software or anagram software that available online or at itunes, theres the free version and paid version but before download please read their user feedback first.

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