Icon Quiz Answers Level 1 – 50

Neo Studio create a addicting game named Icon Quiz we already try this game from level 1 to 50 this game very fun and simple just like play icomania or pic combo you must guess the picture by category:  brand, character, famous people, TV & movies if you cannot solve a level in this game you can use your credit to reveal a letter or remove letter but if you already run out all credit then you can but it or use this icon quiz answers.

old man white hair : KFC yellow with red line: mcdonalds red and blue shirt : spiderman robot big eye : walle
orange arrow : amazon green red yellow and blue logo : chrome brand blue circle : dell blue and red costume : superman
red play button : youtube green circle signal : spotify obama FI red and blue : FILA
blue face : avatar brand Circle : oakley character red necklace : marge brand red and orange : kodak
brand red buffalo : redbull brand red blue orange yellow : ebay yellow shape black line : ferrari deer tail : bambi
alien head : ET blue background yellow 
oval : ikea
red shape like batman : levis circle red L : LG
NE : nestle old man with beard and pipe : gandalf person using robe and ring as necklace : frodo S : suzuki
circle red flag : japan black strip white background : adidas the simpsons : homer cyan circle : skype
goofy dog : pluto yellow and green flower : BP green : hulk an : canon
double D square : dolby red arrow d circle : dunlop 3 letter character : neo flag green white red : italy
black line : popeye 3 letter orange hair : ron square X : excel sombrero : mexico
honda matador : spain KS : kelloggs shape red and blue : kraft
tom and jerry opening : mgm army dance white blue and red : russia

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