Guess that Icon Answers Level 1 – 40

This is complete guess that icon answers this game created by Apprope, how to play this game is very simple you just need to guess fictional character, movie, company, actor, device, tv-series or book by a icon show on your screen, very fun just like other icon games that already famous but has stop update a new level. When you cannot guess the icon you can use hints if you still have lot coins but if your coins already run out use this solutions / cheats to get the right answers.

level 1: mask like a skull level 2: man with canine level 3: thumb up level 4: black mask spiky ears
level 5: santa level 6: man with hat and pipe level 7: mask ribbed level 8: round eyeglass
level 9: boxing gloves level 10: burger and drink level 11: actor muscle level 12: man with beard long hair
level 13: archery level 14: person use robe level 15: game device level 16: ship with 4 chimney
level 17: skull level 18: tv series round level 19:hat and mustache level 20: tv series zombie
level 21: book whale level 22: taxi level 23: fish character level 24: t-rex bone
level 25: shower level 26: character pistols level 27: shark fins level 28: hanniball
level 29: movie f16 jets level 30: umbrella level 31: straight razor level 32: mask with lot hole
level 33: mushrooms level 34: video game joy stick level 35: character big building level 36: bow tie
level 37: helicopter level 38: elephant level 39: tv series fingerprint level 40: jumping kick

answers guess that icon for level 1 to 40 completed, we will update this answer after completing level 41 to 80 but you can ask solutions for this game at our facebook page if you already complete this level.

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