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Escape action updated two days a go just one day after Christmas developer just add more 10 level to accompany all player in this holiday, we know lot player waiting for a new level in this game and every week i can play new level and share all the walkthrough or cheats in this website, we hope this guide will be useful for new puzzles game player and  stuck player.

level 71. pick up yellow sponge then make it with water from bucket, now use sponge to rub lotus (flower) on the door.

level 72. pick up cloth near book shelf, use to rub spider web then pick up number 9, rub left and right torch then pick up number 4 and 8. now tap number 4 then put at top circle, number 8 at the middle and number 9 at the bottom circle.

level 73. pick up wrench on the floor then use to hit X symbol on the wall several times until you get a key, use key to open drawer then pick up pliers use it to cut chain from top to bottom.

level 74. set box color same with the clue horizontal : cyan, purple, brown, pink. vertical : gray, purple, green.

level 75. to make all windmill rotating put your android on a desk then use 2 finger to rotate quickly.

level 76. rub leaves then tilt phone left – right, then tap letters P-A-S-S-W-O-R-D.

level 77. sort by alphabet a – z : 1 Australia, 2 China, 3 Iraq, 4 Thailand.

level 78. complete the puzzle on the green board, then shake your android to get fuse / wire then put fuse above the torch and lit the torch.

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level 79. put your fingers ( three ) at the animal head, hold until the wheel turn.

level 80. make all flower bloom with water from the pot, this level need super finger so if you cannot solve it use the change date cheats.

Today all new level in escape action already solved and walkthrough or cheats posted in this page, but more level will added in next few days so bookmark levelstuck to get the latest walkthrough for escape action in next update.

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