Emoji Pop Level 6 – 7 Android and iOS

Emoji pop still be our favorite game in this week, we just complete level 6 and 7 several hour a go, now we post it here to share the answers with other player which can’t solve a level or stuck in this game. Emoji pop level 6 and 7 have 40 stage so we sure you will  satisfied when playing this game each stage is very challenging so don’t stop playing this game.

Answers Level 6

fire and chick : hot chick plane and explosion : plane crash Christmas tree and note :  Christmas carols thumb and forefinger : good pint
man and skull : walking dead night and horse : dark horse ghost and book : ghost story ice flakes and track : cold feet
scare face and clapper : scary movie car plug and battery : tesla earth and worm : earth worm eye and phone : iphone
cake and note : birthday song girl raise hand and cat : hello kitty uk flag and plane : British airways monkey and tongue : blind tasting
reverse sign and clock : around clock milk bottle and bomb : sake bomb rain and sun : rain shine pacifier and chocolate : milk chocolate
apple and wine : appletini rocket and microscope : rocket science rainbow and mic : over the rainbow smiley and doctor : dentist
tumbler and gress cow and man : cowboy mute and lamb : silence of the lambs scare face and wave : shockwave
gun and star : shooting star 3 snake and plane : snakes on the planes juice and sunset : tequila sunrise cat and fist : cat fight
love and note : love songs cigarette and leaf : marijuana sunshine and pigeon : early bird man muscle and capsule : viagra
pin nail and injection : pins and needles ball and shoes : tennis shoes alien phone and home : E T phone home home candy and home : home sweet home

Answers Level 7

cake and party : birthday party anchor and moon : sailor moon pumpkin and a piece cake : pumpkin pie bunny and omelet : Easter egg
rainbow and paint pallets : rainbow color hat luck leaf and ball : notre dame grape and angry face : grapes of wrath grandpa and grandma : grand parents
plus plus minus minus : pros cons earth and cup : earth champion hand and horse : hold your horses fire evil and shake hand : hell no
doctor and evil : dr evil cross cross and beer : dos equis city and angels : city of angels 100 and twist : perfect storm
us flag and rocket : nasa cross and file : x files Italy flag car and smoke : ferrari kiss and skull : kiss of death
girl and cheetah : cougar man walking tub and shower : walk in shower corn and bread : cornbread cat tub and hat : dr seuss
basket ball 23 : Michael Jordan arrow up side down : upside down scissor and double arrow : cuts both ways star and eye : star gaze
leopard tiger lamb and earth : animal planet chicken and running : chicken run zzz and princess : sleeping beauty man speak cross hand : rejected
bow and right arrow : bow and arrows bk building and us flag : bank of America cigarette and alarm : smoke alarm France flag and crocodile : lacoste
lemon and sad face : lemon sour violin trumpet and saxophone : orchestra 0 tent 3 0 : zero dark thirty 2 diamonds : diamonds

Congrats you just complete emoji pop level 6 and 7, still want more solutions? please use search form to see other level that already completed.

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