Compare Samsung galaxy Tab and Ipad

From Samsung to apple all of the tablet’s manufacturer in the world are fighting with each other to beat their competitor and be the winner in the industry. Especially in this global era when competitions are so fierce, it is getting harder for a company to keep their foothold in the industry. Because in the free market, everyone are free to enter the market, meaning that there may be a new company that enter the market and join the competition. Any company is at risk of getting down unless they keep moving forward and offer innovation. From apple who provide their products with the famous iOS and samsung who provide their tablets using Google’s android operating system. Everyone are on race on who will lead the innovations in the industry.

Compare Samsung galaxy Tab and Ipad
    In this industry we can say that Samsung and apple are the leader of this race/ Apple with their iPad are a popular device worldwide, same with Samsung with their tablet. Many of you choose Samsung, and many choose apple. It depends on your need, because they also operate in different OS thus offer you different things too. So if you are looking for a tablet but apple products and iOS are not thing (whatever the reasons you may have) then using android’s device is the best option available for you. The same goes for the contrary, if you dislike android’s device then apple products is your best option.

Compare Samsung galaxy Tab and Ipad
    But enough with the apple and Samsung thing, now in this occasion we would to share information’s of Samsung galaxy tab 7.7, now let’s check our Google android tablet review of this product. Samsung galaxy tab 7.7 coming with 7.7 inch screen, wxga resolution 1280 x 800 pixels, dual core 1.4 Ghz processor, 1 GB RAM, and 3.2 MP autofocus camera. From the specifications, we know that Samsung come in premium features and the screen looks gorgeous. This Samsung galaxy tab 7.7 come with super amoled plus display, that is why the screen is just fabulous, makes it as one of the best looking tablets. It’s not only about the display and appearance, because the performances are amazing too. So, if you are looking for one of the best tablet in the market, Samsung galaxy tab 7.7 can be a worthy one. Well, that is the end of our Google android tablet review. Good bye !

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