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We just complete new game by appdreamz this is it clue pics guess the saying answers for level 1 to 20 this is the new version for what’s the saying game which already famous before, to play this game is simple guess the picture on the screen or say it, there are four category in this game: famous people, saying, movie and landmark this is recommended game for android device very challenging and fun, stuck? don’t worry see our solutions below.

famous people : tom cruise movie : sky fall movie : golden eye movie : men in black
landmark : niagara falls movie : the dark knight landmark : white house famouse people : justin bieber
saying : fingers crossed saying : below par famouse people : jim carrey famouse people : ri hanna
saying : search up and down landmark : big ben saying : an open mind movie : final destination
movie : the lion king landmark : great wall of china movie : american pie movie : total recall

clue pics answers level 1 to 20 completed, level 21 to 40 will be available in next few minutes, we already complete more than 50 level today, but in each post only contains 20 level to make the post load faster, hope you understand we split each cheats into few pages.

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