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Having difficulties with this game? can you escape walkthrough level 1 2 3 4 is the right post to help you complete this game faster, sometimes you need a hints to solve a puzzles game because when you stuck in a puzzle game it can make frustrating, just see the clue below and read the walkthrough.


1. tap box on the floor solve simple horse puzzle pick up a cabinet handle now go to cabinet beside door use the handle to open cabinet, pick up screwdriver inside cabinet, now tap the painting on the wall remember number 1915, then open panel under painting using screwdriver, now open safe with number on the painting. Pick up a key and use to open door.

can-you-escape-level-2-8641163 2. go to desk and tap matches and remember the number 493, open case on the floor using this number and pick up faucet part and put at faucet above green bottle and tap it to fill bottle,

now pick up a key in the bottle, use this key to open pink cabinet and pick up a card use card on the reder beside door.

can-you-escape-level-3-3119900 3. pick up saw under the table, open top cupboard use saw to cut pipe, open bottom cupboard pick up laptop battery, now go to television remember f1 car color yellow, blue, red, green, 

now tap laptop put the battery to enter laptop tap color yellow, blue red, green remember the circle combination to open cabinet under tv ( middle, right, middle, right) use pipe to open, then pick up key and use it on keyhole between door and tv.

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4. remember bottle color above shelf blue, red, yellow, green. open wine storage at bottom left using this color combination, pick up screwdriver. move vase under the bottle then open secret container using screwdriver, then pick up a knife use knife to cut rope on the box near chair, and pick up flashlight now tap right chair and pick up a battery combine it with flashlight, go to window use knife to cut a rope. now open small container infront door using screwdriver then use flashlight to light it, use rope to pick a key inside then use it to open keyhole above blue vase.

can-you-escape-level-5-4333926 5. tap basket on bicycle pick up blue eye and pick up brown eye beside the bed, remember candle color above the bed pink, cyan, black, white. now use eye on the cabinet beside door, pick up coffee bean.  now tap bird cage near dartboard feed it with bean then pick up a key, tap dart board remember number green 8, blue 5, red 4. now open cabinet under the dartboard using candle color pick up pencil.  now go to table in front bed use pencil to draw at paper note remember combination, tap box in front bicycle open it using the combination on paper, pick up a key. now go to panel beside door

use yellow key on left hole and insert 845 (green, red, blue) use white key on right hole now sum 845 + 129 = insert 974 to open door.

can you escape walkthrough for level 6 7 8 9 10 will be available soon, we hope with this cheats you can pass a difficult level and continue play this game without a guide until you give up.

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